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Penile Prosthetic
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The Stealth
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Return Policy: With the introduction of our brand new model "The Stealth" comes a money back garuntee. We will provide a video of the completed product pre-shipment for customer overview. In addition, if any alternations, adjustments are desired by the customer upon reception, they will be performed free of charge. In such event, we will accept returns within 7 business days of receiving the product after free alteration/s are made. Product must be unworn. Our team is dedicated to providing full functionality and a fullfilled lifestyle. Please email us with any questions.



The Ultimate Prosthetic is the world's 1st fully functioning penile device. The prosthetic attaches to you completely for secure, long-term wear and becomes an extension of your body. The design is forumulated to allow you to urinate through your anatomical extension and engage in sexual intercourse. Your natural micro-phallus is inserted inside the base of the shaft which emulates phalloplasty while providing complete sensation. While it is adhered to you, a seam is created that prevents leakage. It not only looks, but feels like a real penis.

Product Features:

  • 100% authentic skin coloring
  • Made with 100% Platinume silicone. Our products are skin safe, however, for insured safe sex wear a condom. Please use your best judgement.
  • Soft testicles: the inner testicles move around in the sack. The balls attach to you as well, ensuring they do not lift up and stay close the body during sex and daily activity.
  • "STP" The penis is made to extend your natural anatomy. Just pull it out and pee.
  • Who needs a harness? Not you! This is designed to attach to you securely with adhesive.

The Penile Attachment System

New Stealth tabs come with our special brush on medical adhesive and forms extreme adhesion. The tab is invisible to the eye and seamless to the touch. Stealth strips are included to conceal the invisible tab even further and comes in black or brown.

Coming soon: An in-depth Instructional Video showing you exactly how to attach, pack, pee, and use your new prosthetic for intimacy.

Please email us at theultimateprosthetic@yahoo.com with any questions!

We look forward to providing you with complete satisfaction.