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The Stealth To place an order, email TheUltimateProsthetic@yahoo.com and include your name and shipping address. We will be happy answer any inquiries.

**New Stealth Video**(to see how adhesion works view video on Products page)

Older Stealth design (Brown skin tone)

The Stealth specs:

Price: 1,890.00 USD

Length: 6 inches

Girth: 6 inches (Varies between flaccid and erect)

Attachable: Can wear for several days before reapplying. The new Extreme Adhesion tab is specially formulated to attach the prosthetic to your body securely. Simply brush on the provided adhesive to the back of the tab and allow to dry. Then place one of the provided Adhesion Layers onto the clear tab. Brush a new layer of adhesive over that and allow to dry for 5 minutes. Afterwards, place your prosthetic over your pelvis and private area allowing your natural phallus to enter the back opening. This creates a bond between you and your prosthetic. A significant amount of sensation is passed through to your genitals from your prosthetic as it is an extension of you.

STP System: This function is easy to use once the prosthetic is attached. We provide brush on adhesive that, in conjunction with the Extreme Adhesion section, provides a bond like no other. The adhesive is pressure sentitive and sweat proof. When applying the glue, you will also add it to the rim seen in the above photo. This makes the STP system foolproof. To urinate simply pull out your shaft, reinforce the leakproof rim against your body and go. There is a built in moisture resistant layer making the area easy to dry, comfortable and sanitary.


The Erection System: This new feature allows the wearer to enjoy the comfort and pliability of a flaccid penis while having the freedom and ability to create an erection. The wearer is ready for intimacy all on their own. No tools, no problem. To do this, simply open the release valve (concealed behind the scrotum) and perform a combination of squeezing your right testicle while pinching the back vas deferens (filling the shaft), then pinching closed the front vas deferens letting go of the back one allowing the testicle to fill again. Repeat until you have reached your desire size. The shaft becomes thicker, firmer and slightly longer. To perform this takes only 3-4 pumps total. At which point the urethra opening that goes through your penis is now closed and air tight. More detailed instructions are included with each order.

*Comes with special hand pump that is an option for creating an erection faster. (2 quick pumps) Fits in your pocket.

The Ejaculation system: Each order of the Stealth Comes with a container of our Psuedo Semen (now called Ultimate Fluid) and an insertion tool. There is a second valve concealed behind the scrotum (cannot be felt) that is used to fill the left testicle with the special fluid. Then when the wearer is ready to release, they simply squeeze the left ball and massage the shaft. This brings the ejaculate from the base of your penis where it is released into, shooting out through the tip.

*Insertion tool provided.

Outer Moveable Skin Layer: Both the foreskin and the scrotum behave and feel exaclty like bio skin. The skin also has a smooth finish. Functioning testes attached to vas deferens.

prosthetic foreskin penile





The Blending System: Once the prosthetic is adhered, the wearer uses the provided 2 part mixture to attach and blend in the edges of the skin and scrotum that meet with the body. At that point there is no seam nor is there a color change. The prosthetic blends completely in. Stealthness. No more needing to explain transition to potential sex partners. You just have to be a little slick about it and you're in!





The skin is smooth to the touch and the entire prosthetic feels like flesh. This enhances the realism and comfortability while it is attached





How the prosthetic looks under clothes.